Possible Infectious Laryngotracheitis Case in Rooster / Questions

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    May 31, 2011
    Good evening from California. It's been years since I've used this account, and it's unfortunate it's for something as serious as this.

    Before I go into detail, I want to start out stating that my chickens are my pets and I'm not culling my flock regardless of prognosis. Now that that's been said, here we go.

    So a few days ago my SO brought in a rooster of mine from the outside. He has the typical signs of LT. Gasping, rales, and what looks like dark, old blood in his throat. None of it is fresh and he isn't flinging it out like I've read online.

    He suddenly showed signs a few days ago and has been in the same state since. He has not passed and he's in quarantine. My fear is that it will spread, so I already ordered the F-1-4 LT-I VAX vaccine for it. The vaccine I chose appears to be one of the right ones to choose considering one of them works as terrible as the MDV vaccine when it comes to creating a flock of carriers. I know all about that already - I've even written a paper on it.

    So, my question is, should I bring him to my vet, euthanize and test?

    I don't want the state ordering my flocked culled if he is positive. No one has died from it, I KNOW I have some kind of respiratory disease in the flock, sneezy stuff and coughs every winter, but spring/summer/fall is typically dry in that regard.
    Tylan 50 typically covers that and they recover.

    My flock is full of rescues and such so honestly, I expect some sicknesses. However, I have been lucky in the five-almost-six years of having my flock that I have not had any major disease problems and I have done a lot of research in that time. I also do NOT sell or show my birds.

    What do you all think? Anyone from California have a clue about whether I'd be required to cull my flock? I want to send him into UC Davis for necropsy if he dies, but if they're going to cull my flock I will handle it myself. I just want to know for sure. Of course I'm terrified for my other birds and the barn's getting a cleaning tomorrow.

    I've shed enough tears as it is, it's time to get to business and figure out a plan. Tomorrow will be an Oxine fogging coop cleaning kind of day.
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    Jun 23, 2015
    I'm not from California, but I can say that for now quarantine seems like the best option. If he does pass, a test would be wise just so you know what you're dealing with. I hope they get better soon, it sounds like you give them wonderful care.

    Winter is a time with immunity is lowered, so keep things warm, dry and draft free and offer good quality food and clean water.

    Best of luck!
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Casportpony is from CA, and probably knows what diseases are reportable or requires culling. She also has a good thread called "How to send a bird for a necropsy," that contains a lot of info and contact info. ILT and other respiratory diseases can appear together as secondary diseases, so there could be more than one disease present. Tylan 50 and 200 injectable are about all of the antibiotics available over the counter nowadays, since the FDA made the oral ones prescription only. Most respiratory diseases as well as some other diseases will make the whole flock carriers for life. It's impossible to rid the diseases as long as one bird remains. Good luck.
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    Nov 4, 2013
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    I realize it's been a long time since you posted this. How is your flock?

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