Possible introduction to bacteria


8 Years
Mar 31, 2011
Hello everyone,
I have a quick question; my chicks are hatching, and after four hatched, one eggs started to ooze. I instantly removed the egg, but it got a little ooze on the wire at the bottom. I tried to clean it, but it is like silicone. I removed the hatched chicks also, but two more are pipped, and hopefully the other two will soon. Will this be a possible introduction to bacterial problems, and if so, how can I alleviate the issue?

Thanks in advance, and be blessed.
You may hurt the situation by cleaning and disturbing too much. If you have your hen hatching in a clean area that isnt used continually for hatching, I would say everything will be fine.

When my broody had 9 eggs, I went out to discover one had broken under mom at about day 18.
goey yolk everywhere on all the eggs. I took the bits out, layed new bedding. I VERY Gently wiped the remaining eggs with a damp, WARM, soft clean rag and put everyone back in place.

All the remaining eggs hatched nicely.

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