Possible Lung Worm - How do I treat ?

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    Jun 14, 2008
    I purchased three goats from out of state. We do not see too much of lung worm in our part of California, but I purchased goats whom lived right off of a creek. On and off coughing for six months. Did the basic worming when I got them home, but want to make sure I get it all out of their system. We live in a "cattle & swine" area. Most vets unsure about goats. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Better safe than sorry.
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    With lung worm in goats you need to get the wormer Cydectin and give it orally from a needless syringe. I give 1cc per 10 lbs. do this and in 10 days do it again. Also the Ivermectin plus injectable type is good for lung worms also and its more expensive and its 1 cc per100 lbs I believe. given orally also.
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    I used Ivermec injectable orally at 1 cc per every 34 pounds of goat.

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