Possible Mereks???? Very sick 3 week old chicks not sure what to do please HELP!!


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Apr 26, 2015
So about 2 weeks ago I had a chick present with a weird wart-like bump on it's ear. I did not get much response on here as to what it might be. Last week she presented with full blown raised sores that she can no stop scratching and pecking. took her to the vet and the vet thinks it's fowl pox. treating with antibiotics.

Yesterday morning I went to check on my girls and one was just laying there being trampled. I picked her out and it seems as though her legs are not working properly. She will try and walk and just kind of stumbles around and then sits or lays down. She also has very light brown runny poo. I called the vet, who I never actually go to speak with to try and figure out if this can somehow be pox related or to discuss the possibility that the 1st chick has something other than pox that can present differently. But, she was too busy to talk to me and I could not get an appointment. I might try and make an appointment for Monday. She did give me some antibiotics to give to her. As she said if it's Merek's there is nothing that can be done other than trying to fight other underlying infections. Can they get Merek's this young??

I am a first time chicken owner and this experience has been pretty horrible from the beginning. I ordered 16 chicks from My Pet Chicken. 1 died as soon as I opened the box. She died in my hand as the others were being let out. 2 more were not doing great. So, tried the things I read on here. electrolytes and some other things. the 2nd one died the next day. The 3rd one seemed to be getting better, but then on the 3rd day she too passed away. I check on them often, as I work from home. I feel like I am doing something totally wrong. It seems crazy that we have never had chicks before and that so many of them are dying. I do live in an area with lots of big chicken houses. But, the closest one is 1-2 miles away.

Please help me. Is there anything I can do for this one who is not able to walk. I am responsible for these sweet creatures and I am failing miserably. Also, I am not sure if I had them vaccinated for Merek's or not. And, My Pet Chicken can not tell me by looking at my account.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond.

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