Possible prolapse vent in chicken??

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    Dec 14, 2016
    Can anybody post some photos of chickens with prolapse vents.so I can figure out how severe my my chicken has?what are some symptoms of mild cases and severe cases?

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    Can you post some photos of what you are seeing?

    IMHO any prolapse needs to be addressed and treated. If your hen has a prolapse, separate her, give her a soaking in warm epsom salts bath, clean the prolapse well, apply some hemorrhoid cream or honey and gently push it back in. These steps may need to be repeated.

    Keep her separated for at least one day to make sure the prolapse is staying in. It usually a good idea to keep watch until she lays her next egg, this ensures if she does prolapse again you can treat it quickly.

    Offer her some extra calcium, this will help with contractions. You can give her a crushed Tums or liquid calcium. Make sure she is staying hydrated (add vitamins to water if you have them). Also give her some chopped egg for extra protein.

    There are lots of prolapse photos her on BYC and the web. Just search at the top for prolapse or google it.

    Here is a very informative article on prolapse and how to treat it:
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