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    I have 15 Gold Comets, two are roos. They grew up together and so far haven't fought (they're only 7 months old, though). NOw I may have to isolate one of the roos as the hens have picked most of the feathers off the front/left side of his neck. Yesterday there was blood on the feathers below the area, but when I went out this morning intending to sneak him off the roost and isolate him, there was no blood. I got a good look at the area and it looks like a rug burn, no real break in the skin, and today no blood. He's ok today, too. I'm thinking the blood came from frozen wattles?

    Anyway, my question is, if I do have to isolate him, how would I go about re introducing him to the flock? Will the roos fight? or will they remember each other and go back to their old places in the pecking order? Or should I look into finding him a new home?He's a lovely roo, white with dark feathers on his back, and his hackles are a lovely gold. I won't eat him, I like him. But if I would need to rehome him, I'd want to start looking for that home before I need it!

    What do you think - would I have a chance of re introducing him, or not?


    One roo has had a lot of feathers picked off the front and left side of his neck. The day before yesterday was when I noticed it, and there was some blood on his feathers. It's not the other roo, I watched the hens while I was working in the coop. It's the hens. Anyway, I set up a dog crate on my back porch but when I went out this morning intending to sneak him off the roost and isolate him, he let me take a good look at his neck. It looks like he's got an abrasion, no cut or hole in the skin - looks more like rug burn.

    So I left him in the run
    There was no blood on him this morning, my DH kept an eye
  2. No. Once you take him out then the other lad is going to assert himself as soon as he is able to (I mean that's what Rooster boys do, right?), and possibly the girls picked on him because he is not as strong as the other boy?

    Find him a new home asap. [​IMG]
  3. Or... just a thought.

    You have 13 hens and two roos; if you get another 7 hens that means 10-a-piece and then they shouldn't fight because they will be so busy covering the hens. Personally I would get another 10 hens because some eventually have other duties like mothering chickie-babes for example [​IMG]
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    what if you spray some colored medicine on the spot so it doesn't look like blood and isolate both roos together, see if th other roo leaves it alone til it heals.

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