Possible rehome


Mar 1, 2019
Marquette mi
i have three reds and one bantam, hatched in March, that I was considering re homeing. We found out I am pregnant in July and ,at the same time, that my beagle has cancer. I’m sick all the time and just feel it’s unfair to the birds that I can’t do too much with them anymore. It breaks my heart as they are pets, not just chickens but I want what’s best for them. Any in sights? Thank you.
My thought is; Chickens are surprisingly self sufficient. If they have food, water, sunshine and a dry home they don't need much else. If you have a decent pen (not a bare pen, one with obstacles etc) they won't miss you too much if you take some months doing the bare minimum. They may be a bit shy when you're ready to interact with them again but probably warm up again fast. I know I interact with my chickens all of about 20 minutes a day. On a bad day it's more like 5.

Of course, if you still need to rehome them you still need to rehome them. If they're hens any home you send them to that has a good setup will be a good home for them even if you find it somewhere like on craigslist. So I would go with that if I were rehoming. You can be as picky as you want but many people will take some free hens and keep them around as long as they're healthy some longer so anyone with a good setup is probably a good home IMO.

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