Possible respiratory infection - please help


9 Years
Mar 14, 2010
Ocean County, NJ
Unfortunately I can't embed a video but looking for help with my Silkie hen. This morning I went to let her and my Polish hen out and they didn't want to. I then heard a weird sound. The Silkie was breathing quite heavy with a weezing, almost whimpering sound. It looks like she hasn't eaten. I instantly put her in a cage inside with the air conditioning. She's not breathing as heavy now but still making the sound.

The heat index is going to hit about 100 today so thought it was maybe also heat related. I did try to give her some cold watermelon, that she loves, but she wouldn't eat it.

I do have oxytetracyclin that you put in water and was wondering if I should give that to her. I don't think she's really drinking much either, so don't know how to get medicine in her if that's what she needs. She was fine last night and let them free range before going to bed.

Any help is much appreciated!!!!

Not really. Before I gave her some of her favorite sunflower seeds and she did eat some.

I then figured I'd make the tetracycline in water. Concerned she wasn't going to drink I used a syringe. However this syringe is very hard and when I tried to gently squirt the liquid in her mouth it all went in. I didn't have much in there but now really worried I made it worse.

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