possible roosters?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickencrazy21, Jul 27, 2014.

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    So the week before Easter we were buying chicken feed at our local feed store and saw they had bantams. We already had one bantam at home whos three bantam friends died one by one for no reason ( very mad since we drove a total of four hours and paid like $200 for a total of four birds that only one survived) anyways we knew we were taking a risk but i figured id keep one rooster and ignore animal control if they bothered to show up (i have issues with my neighbors and there dogs animal control cant come out and adress agressive dog then they better not bother me about a harmless roster) we already gave away one of our black and white ones becux it was a rooster and picking on the other bantams. Well the second black and white one in this picture is also a rooster he crows and all in front of me. My question is this. The two brown and white ones in the back...are they too roosters? There combs are bright and growing big and there bigger slightly than the black and white rooster. Im not sure if there roosters i only hear the one crow. Im going to be very upset if only one out of the six chicks i bought is a hen...shes the one next to the black and white one...she is a hen isnt she? Ugh so frustrating. Youd think id learn.
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    I can't follow your math, so my comment is strictly based on the photo. I am no expert, but my guess is the same as yours: of the three brown chickens in the photo, the two in back are roos and the one next to the b&w roo is a hen. If that's correct, look on the bright side; you can just pick the roo you want to keep, and you have a pair of bantams, who can provide you with more chicks, half of which will ultimately be hens.

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