Possible shed? What do you think?


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Spanish Springs, NV
We have a couple of empty houses close by with "for sale" signs in the yards. Both have sheds in the backyard. One house is two doors down and has been empty for about a year and the house is in foreclosure. The other house just went up for sale. Not sure if it is empty or not (I pass it on my way to and from work). What do you think of me calling the realtor and asking if I could buy the shed? Has anyone done this?

I have been looking in craigslist but the sheds listed are too big for my space or too $$$.

We have thought about it with foreclosed houses, nothing to lose, the worst they can say is no.
Actually, we did exactly what you are talking about with the exception that the shed was listed under "shed" on craigslist. The house was in foreclosure, and they wanted the fully finished shed sold, and removed from the property. We got a 10 x 12 foot shed for a very reasonable price. It was finished with drywall on the interior, and wired for heat, phone, cable, etc. The husband was a mortgage broker and had used it as his office. We did demolition on the interior, and took apart the roof and sides. It is sitting in pieces in our yard and on our trailer, awaiting reassembly into a supercoop. I think that checking into the shed situation on foreclosures is genius (it was my idea
) The worst they can do is say no, but maybe they will say yes.

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