Possible sick chicken.....


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Aug 10, 2015
I have a 4 month old, I think, lavender Americana mix hen that stays with 2 others she was hatched with, she was the runt I guess.... I've noticed thstvthere seem to be a fair amount of feathers in their coop, look like they are from her.... Could the other two be "beating her up"? I don't see that behavior from them.... Also she pants when I or kids hold her sometimes, thought it might stress her so I stopped letting kids hold her. Also heard he vocalizing today when I let them out, haven't heard her do that before.... Sounded kinda like a duck. Not sure whether anything is related or what I should be concerned about. She's been resting inside in my lap for 30 min now and is opening her beak some and then almost acting like she's eating.... But she's not....I only see her do it when she's resting, she has her neck extended out like they do when they are warming under a lamp.....
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