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Mar 29, 2011
Southern California
Emma is a year and one half old blue laced wyandotte. My husband observed her sneeze and he said it looked like fluid came out. He said she might've just taken a drink from our dog's water bowl, but I am concerned. I know bird's don't get colds. I picked her up and held her and when she wasn't muttering, her breathing was audible. I wouldn't say raspy, but audible. I have isolated her in a dog kennel for tonight.

I have four other birds and have not observed them with this issue.My question is, what is my next step? Continue to observe her for awhile? Should I be feeding her something different?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
really sounds like you just might need to wait till morning and see what she looks and sounds like....it could be nothing but you putting her up was a save thing to do...
It is possible that Emma may have just taken some water down the wrong way. If it is only a small amount she should be able to get it out again via the chicken equivalent of 'coughing' / sneezing. It is unlikely that she would have taken in much if she was drinking by herself, rather than being forced to drink, so if this is the case, she will hopefully be fine.

On the other hand, chickens do get respiratory infections, and if you have introduced any new birds, or visited a farm and not swapped over shoes etc before entering your coop Emma may have caught something.

I would isolate her somewhere warm and quiet, (as you have done) until the morning, and see how she is then. Also watch your other birds for signs of nasal discharge etc.

I hope she is OK
Thank you for your replies. I checked her this morning and she seems okay;I didn't see any fluid. She was quite anxious to return to the flock. I re-released her into the back to free range and am praying it was nothing.

I haven't visited any farms or other flocks; however, we do get wild birds in our yard, of course.

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