Possible thoughts on dead ducks?

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  1. My fiance and I just lost two of our favorite ducks hens out of the blue. We treated them last month and January for the bimonthly dewormer and the five day cocci, all animals were fine and healthy.

    But we noticed the passed day one duck was acting off she was normally a very active and loud quacking duck, so we brought her in and she couldn't or refused to walk she was shaking. We figured on her being cold so we gave a nice warm bath and blow dried her. I was holding onto her on my lap wrapped loosly in a towel under a heating pad and about an hour later she died in my arms. This morning I found another hen acting the same way but last night she was a-okay quacking, eating, drinking the whole nine yards. I found her against the coop wall behind a metal grate I use to lock up the nesting boxes. I gently picked her up brought her in and gave her water, Nutri-drench, honey water and dropper gave it to her. About three hours roughly an hour ago she died suddenly.

    Both girl had the same signs. Shaking, lack of being able to walk, weak. And post mortum their mouths were pale and eye lids were pale. No injuries that I can see on the surface. I also removed ALL male ducks thinking they could be the issue.

    Any ideas?
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    Sorry for your losses, might get some responses if posted in the duck forum. :hugs

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