possible to have too much ventalation?

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    Oct 7, 2011
    so. cal orange county
    my coop is still a work in progress... i live in southern california about 7 miles from the coastline (7 miles west of me is the coast and 7 miles south is more coast... ) every afternoon i get slight on shore breeze that feels great when it's warm here... i want to have vents that will let that breeze thru the coop and exit the top... the vents are up high above the roosting area.... would it be ok to leave these vents wide open year around or will it be too drafty during the winter? [​IMG] is there such thing as too much ventalation? thanks in advance for the feedbacks.
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    In your area, I don't see how you could have too much ventilation. I doubt you guys ever drop below 40 do you? You won't want breezes able to blow right on them while roosting when the temps drop below 40 or so (that's not a fixed number, but around there). Up high (above where they roost) is no problem for them though at those temps. The more ventilation the better in your area, since you worry much more about heat than cold.
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    If the air inside the coop is moving around the chickens, then that is a draft. They need to be draft-free.

    It is ideal for the air to exchange, but without wind inside the coop. The wind steals the heat from between their feathers.
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    Sep 30, 2011
    It is never to cold in your area for chickens (or ANYWHERE in the US for that matter), so no, you can not have too much ventilation, and you do not have to worry about 'drafts'.

    You live off the coast so I am guessing you get an occasional, but extremely rare 0*. At those temperatures, you chickens will never be at ANY risk of being too cold.
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    I live in central CA, in the valley, so we get colder winter temps then you do. My chickens live in a semi open air coop. It's built under my open goat shed so the roof of the coop is wire as is the entire front. The end where the birds roost is enclosed on three sides so the wind never blows directly on them.

    In your case I'd leave those vents open year 'round unless you get unusually cold, windy weather and they get a cold draft at night. Otherwise, they'll be fine and they'll thank you for it!
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    Oct 7, 2011
    so. cal orange county
    thanks for all the input yall!

    the only air movement i can see is air moving across the top of the lowest wall to the top of the highest wall all above the roosting chickens... and 95% of the time the nights here are calm and cool in the winter but yeah the main venTILation is across the ceiling ... so now i gotta find more ways of increasing ventilation... thanks again yall
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    Hi from Ga sounds good to me. If the chickens are protected they can't have to much fresh air. [​IMG]

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