Possible to train dog to quit attacking chickens?


Feb 28, 2013
We have a 7 month old puppy who is amazing in every way except... he chases and attacks the chickens.
Have any of you successfully fixed this?

I want to continue to free range them but I'd like him to be able to enjoy the backyard too.

He has caught a chicken twice now and left no injuries yet, because I pull him away.

But as he's chasing them I'm screaming and he doesn't care. I thought if I introduced him at 8wks old he'd be great with them. But he chased them then too. And taking him on a leash to train him- the chickens just run away bc they know he'll chase.


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You do not have control. Avoid looking at or handling chickens while pup around for now.

Leash train first. Then get pup to take walks away from chickens to give mental stimulation and tire him / her down. Bring pup back while on leash and use command protocol that you can use consistently to stop bad activities. Look up methods for saying no to a dog.

I am going through same process with two pups that are a little younger. We are not past being on leash, but I still have to growl (my method of saying no) there names periodically to stop naughtiness that not limited to interest in chickens.

My dogs a good 18 to 24 months before heads screwed on straight.


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Most puppies i have introduced to my chickens has happened much earlier, like when the pup is 1-2 months.
Usually it takes me only a couple times of stern correction which includes a solid spanking, and the dog understands what behavior is allowed and what behavior will displease me.
Most dogs are pretty smart.
Yelling at the dog may or may not help. Some folks use to many human sentences.
Keep to basic words your dog will know and understand like his NAME and the words COME, and NO BAD DOG or GOOD DOG with alot of positive praise and re-inforcement when they get it right.
How long have you had your pup?
Has your pup had basic obidence training?
Thats where you start.
Yelling "COME HERE, DONT EAT THAT CHICKEN, STOP THAT.....and the like will be inefective and just confuse them
Apr 1, 2020
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My dog has never chased my chickens, they get along quite well. Sometimes the chickens will come preen her fur when she's laying down!
I remember I read this way on here, so this isn't my idea but I thought it was a great way to make sure your dog doesn't chase your chickens.
The person would put a shock collar on her dog, and shock her at level 5 every time she got near the chickens. The main part was that the dog didn't think the person was doing it-she thought the chickens were shocking her. That way, the dog wouldn't attack the chickens when the person was gone.


Feb 28, 2013
Thank you, guys! I'm just glad to hear it's not hopeless! Our other dog is 10yrs old and she's always been gentle with every animal we've ever had, including baby chicks and the chickens so this is all new to me.

We got him at 8 weeks old and introduced him right away. He chased them and from then on they wouldn't come near him, which made practicing on a leash very difficult. They hide in the arbortivae trees and we can't get to them lol Since then, I've let him pop his head in the coop every day as I put food in the feeder so he could see them but not get to them.

We've had some obedience classes and the trainer made it sound like his prey drive couldn't be corrected 😔. But I've seen progress with the indoor cats, (saying "leave it")so I'm hoping there's hope.

To be clear, I don't intentionally let him loose while the chickens free range. The 2 times he's gotten them have been when we accidentally let him out while the chickens were out.

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