Possible vent gleet?

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    I was just outside with my husband and noticed that one of our hens had a nasty poop-caked butt. I wanted to clean her up so I tasked my husband to go catch her. She is very wary, over a year ago we had to treat her with penicillin injections for egg yolk peritonitis. She hasn't had another case of that since. Anyway, when he picked her up he had her back to him with her head up/tail down. At first she had this cloudy liquid run out of her vent, then it turned to a slightly viscous clear liquid. It wasn't a large amount of liquid, but I know that it is not normal, and we needed to find out exactly what this is and how to treat her.
    I wasn't home until late yesterday, so I had my son let the hens out. I'm not sure if she had the diarrhea butt yesterday also or not.
    I believe that this is the beginning of something, and I don't want it to progress until it turns into something bad. Right now she is roaming about with the others and is eating.

    Is this vent gleet? Or are we possibly looking at egg yolk peritonitis again. I don't remember her having diarrhea with the EYP last time. I do remember her pooping what looked like cooked egg when she had the EYP. My husband witnessed her pooping diarrhea today, he said it looked dark.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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