Possible White Bresse or...?


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Oct 1, 2012
Rescued a small white hen a few days ago, large red single comb, blue-grey feet; lays large white eggs with slight pink tint. Very docile. Seems pretty tame, but was very dehydrated and hungry; she's being quarantined away from my flock for a couple weeks. Thought maybe it was the Canadian variety of White Bresse, but her comb is much larger than a lot of pictures I've seen of them. I initially thought it was a small rooster because of the large comb, but no spurs or pinned hackles, plus I got the first egg this morning. (I'm in Calif., btw) Will try and post a photo when I can. Never seen anything like it at my local feed stores. Ideas?
Yes, I will get some photos tonight. I did look up images of both the Bresse and the Calif. Blue Foot; her comb is much larger, which is why initially I thought she was a roo. Will post pix ASAP.
Now that she's cleaned up and healthy, I still am not sure what breed, probably mixed; she's small, but not a bantam. She lays enormous eggs, and is extremely sweet. I've called her Mina. Due to her size, I was a bit afraid my to top hen/bosses would hurt her, but alas, she fought back, and has earned some respect, even chest bumping the big, New Hampshire Roo. We adore her.
The small size, large comb, white egg and kinda white color all point to a leghorn mix. That's a much more likely background than something fairly exotic like a bresse, or even the blue foot.
Yeah, I was wondering .... but I thought Leghorns were big? She's used to being handled, and runs up to me, likes attention; adore her!
Nope, leghorns are little, lightweight birds. Bred to churn out large eggs on minimal feed for the egg industry. They usually only go 3-4lbs I think.
Ah, okay, thanks for the information. Well, she's safe now, and will be spoiled...like the rest.

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