Possibly Botulism or Mareks?

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    Originally I had brought back a chicken from the fair and she seemed fine. A few days later she was floppy and could hardly walk and later, she kept falling over and wasn't able to get up. Now, two weeks later she's fine again. However, I have two other birds now that are sick, they seem to be much worse. These two are about one and a half year old buff Orpingtons (rooster and a hen), they were in very good shape before all this. So basically, they can't stand at all by themselves. If I pick up the rooster and set him down, he instantly crashes to the soil. The hen on the other hand, she'll walk but very, very unbalanced. Today the rooster got up (with my help) and walked like he was drunk for a few seconds before falling beside the water dish. This is been going on for a few days now. I've isolated them from the flock.

    Lately our water has been taken from our neighbours because our pipes had to be redone. Their water smells like sulfur, but it's all we have to use. Also, one day I realized a perfectly good bag of food had mold in it, that was about a week ago. The chickens also found some food scattered outside that was soggy. So really, I don't know. I'm hoping these two Orpingtons will get better, since my Brahma did from (seemingly) the same thing. Any ideas, guys?
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    It is likely from eating moldy food. If your chickens consumed contaminated food it can cause Mycotoxicosis or Moniliasis (thrush).
    I'm not sure if the sulfur smelling water is a problem for poultry. This smell is caused by Hydrogen Sulfide, which is caused by a variety of things, a few that are rare and .....gross.

    Those are the only things I can think of without some more information. Please list any other symptoms that you find. The more information the better! [​IMG]
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    Mareks has a 4 week incubation period so I'd like to say you could rule it out. Sounds like you didn't quarantine that hen? [​IMG]

    The sulfur isn't great. Why don't you grab some gallons of bottled water (grocery store brands are only a .99 a gallon) and give that to them to see if they improve. The mold in the food..same thing. New feed and see if they improve.
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    My Rooster is exhibiting similar symptoms. He is walking around like he is dizzy, but he can walk. He doesn't seem floppy. I'm interested in seeing what others have to say about your link. I hope you can figure it out. It's so tough when you know they aren't feeling well, but you don't know how to help them.

    Good Luck!
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    Quote:Nope, she's quarantined as well. :3

    The food has been changed for a long time, we just bought completely fresh stuff as well, just to be sure. I'll do that with the water, thanks!

    Thanks flashover, I'll try to get you some more info today.

    Aww, Jbpatwood I hope your roo gets better! [​IMG]

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