Possibly Botulism?

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    One of my chicks got lethargic a few days ago, then she started not using one of her legs. We found some mold in the feed (we immediately tossed it) and quickly isolated her and gave her lots of uncontaminated food and water. None the other chicks are showing signs. She is doing better and is eating and drinking, but will not use her leg very well. My friend looked up symptoms and said it could be botulism.
    Her foot defiantly isn't broken it just lays behind her and her toes curl up. She is 5.5 weeks old.
    Anybody have a guess what it is [​IMG] Will she make it?
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    Quote:What color is her poop? Yellow/green could be a sign that botulism is the problem. If her poop is normal, and she's acting normal...I believe she'll be ok. Most likely she has somehow injured her leg, perhaps jumping down from a high roost or other place causing injury to a tendon or ligament. If this is the case, I recommend that place her in a crate with food and water. She'll need plenty of rest and relaxation to let the injury heal. You can add vitamin B complex to her food to possibly help her injury heal quicker. She shouldnt be walking around aggravating the injury. After about 5 days, release her to see if she can walk. If not, return her to the cage for more vitamin B complex treatment for a week. Then see if she'll walk again... if not, stop the vitamin B complex and keep her caged til she heals. These type injuries take time to heal... days, months or never.
    If you suspect she has botulism, I recommend that you give her an internal flush. Here's a link, scroll down to "LAXATIVE SOLUTIONS:"
    Once she's flushed, I recommend that you feed her scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk for about 5 days to rebuild her strength and immune system. Dont use yogurt, it tends to pass through them...not good after a "flush." Buttermilk coats their intestinal lining and is easily absorbed as a probiotic. You can also give her poultry nutri drench orally, 2 drops twice a day (one in the morning, one in the evening,) then stop the nutri drench on the 5th day...it can cause diarrhea because it's rich in vitamins and minerals. Good luck.
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