Possibly getting close to laying at 15 weeks?


Mar 9, 2016
Hi, I have 20 pullets, 7 different breeds. They will be 15 weeks old on tuesday, in 3 days. One of them, a Rhode Island Red, her comb and waddles have turned bright red. None of the others have red or even close to red combs yet. Is it possible that this one pullet could start laying this young? I have read they can start as early as 16 weeks but is unusual. Im thinking i should get my butt in gear and get their nesting boxes ready. I figured i had another month at least but maybe not?
You should have the nest boxes ready about a month before you are expecting eggs. That way, they have a chance to get comfortable with them. As they get closer to laying, they will start to spend more time 'practicing' to lay an egg. Some pullets will sit in a nest for hours at a time, just getting used to them.

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