Possibly helpful window scavenge tip!


14 Years
Aug 14, 2007
Hutchinson, MN
Oh, we are SOOOooo pleased!

We got ourselves a low-e, argon insulated window for our coop for $25!!

Found it at the local re-use center that sells demolition materials for cheap. It's actually a "sample" window and the sales guy says you can sometimes get them from Home Depot or Lowe's or the like after a model year is over (usually late fall-early winter in MN).

If you go to your local big-box retailer, you'll see these little "mini-windows" on display to show off all the features of a given line of energy-efficient windows. They're already framed. Ours is 18" by 26", vinyl-clad, it locks, it has security jambs and is double-paned insulated. It's perfect for our smallish garage coop. New and full-sized, these windows are $180!

The sales guy said to call area window retailers and ask if they had any sales models that they're wiling to part with.

Just in case this comes in handy for anyone...


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