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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by stacemck, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Nov 27, 2014
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    I am new to the forum after searching for an answer everywhere I found this forum so I hope you guys can help.

    My Husband and I got our chicken coop and chickens along with 2 chicks, one of the chicks looked way too young but he assured me the person he got it off said it was old enough to be without its mum. Well after having the chicks for a week the small chick died, I was devastated because just like I do with my kids I slaved over the chicks making sure they were eating, clean, warm and happy. What made it worse was the remaining chick was screaming from her caged missing her friend so I took her out placed her in the top of my shirt and carried her around all day and only took her out to feed, drink and poop. She was very happy, a little too happy it seems, I can't get away from her now, we got a couple of slightly older chicks to keep her company and warm, she wants nothing to do with them she headbutts the cage door and screams until I come and get her. If somebody else grabs her she jumps out of there hands and tries to run away looking for me if I am close by she will run up and sit on my foot until I pick her up.

    I feel really guilty though because I know I did it too her and I know she is associating me as her mum, I made her feel warm and secure and now she isn't willing to use the other chicks for that. My biggest concern is I'm gonna end up with a chicken that refuses to stay in its pen once she is grown and will constantly try to get on my shoulder and cuddle up to my neck when she is fully gown. I don't know whether for her benefit I should just ignore her and she will get used to it or if it is ok for her to continue to be with me, I don't want her to not be able to socialise with the other chickens because she only wants human contact because I think that will be bad for her. The guilt I fell when she is screaming is massive and I'm real worried about her hurting herself while head butting the cage. It took until 11pm last night to get her to stay in the cage and sleep with the other chicks, I really can't be taking a chick to bed, Hubby would freak.

    What is best for this chick?
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    Oct 23, 2014
    When the chick is full grown she will want to do chicken things and will not want to be with you all the time. I raised a lone chick, who was with me all waking hours, but slept in her own spot at night, and once she was full grown she went with the others in the chicken house. She was associated with the others as she was growing up, so nobody was a stranger to one another. So, since your chicks all know one another, and you keep socializing the chick with them it should all end up normal when the chick is grown up.

    But, if the other two chicks are nice to her, I would try to leave her with them all the time. Just wean her from you, and that may take some time. As she grows older she will become more independant from you.

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