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May 21, 2009
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oh my gosh,i was just about to post on here asking if anyone didnt have any preditors and then went out to lock up my sons house who lives in a house behind us... Well not 5 feet from me was a possum creeping across his fence. Granted, we live in the middle of the city and used to see them more often (before they mattered) but now,,,,freeked me out. I went and poured bleach all around my coop and ran around like a freek barking like a dog and low growling. Then i power washed the tree he went up into and havent sseen him since. My coop has all the stuff for protection around it but im completly spazing right now. NOTHING seems good enough but hotwire. I think im going to have to do that for piece of mind...Dang it!! im sure they've still been around but i havent had to see them so wasnt so afraid...

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they are actually show dogs, and it's a small breeding kennel. Only problem is they are in the house at night where i would like them to be out in their *covered* kennels instead. I was hoping the smell of dog would help. Actually the possum prob is heading to their kennels to clean up any left over food which dang it, i hope isnt really left out encouraging them to hang around. We used to see thme all the time and i had no worries. Mabie they are just lazy city possum who dont need a fight on their hands getting into a pretty dang well protected pen. Whats incouraging is my chicken owning neighbor 2 doors down hasnt lost any and they dont lock theirs up
Forget the dog! I got one and it ate my chickens! Too hard to find a good one real quick.

Use hot wire, very easy to put up...I used those push in posts...and will keep most predators away including racoons, possums and DOGS.
thanks bizzybirdy... night went well, and as i checked thismorn, i feel pretty confident in my coop. BUT!!!!!!!!!! i am going to do the hotwire anyway as well! Seems simple enough just would love to see some examples of how it looks/is done so i know what im trying to do. I want to use battery not electricy and only prob im wondering about is do you just stepp over the wire (when off) or is it hooked to the door so it is open when the door is...
There are little connector handles...that the wire can be connected to... and you can then just unhook and rehook the hotwire to get into a gate or any opening.

Ask when you buy the hotbox...I don't remember what you call all these things. lol Just know how to hook it up. It works!!

Maybe some of the people here that gave me advice can post some photos??

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