Post hatch pen?


10 Years
Jan 4, 2010
Bolivia N.C
Okay so my real brooder is my isolation pen which right now is full of two mean brothers
anyway its a BIG brooder. (old rabbit hutch) So here's my problem My chickens live a 1/2 mile away from me in a trailer park me and my dad own. My brooder is over there too. Normaly I would pick up my chicks at TSC and put them in the brooder. But I'm hatching my own out of an incubator and I need to know what kind of Brooder do I need to build. They can live in my house for about a week. I'm thinking a ply-wood box with my heat lamp clipped on the side. Ant more creative ideas?
How many chicks?
A plastic tote, a cardboard box, almost anything will work for the 1st couple of weeks.
Yeah. I would go with about 4X8 and about 2' high, thats only 32 sq ft but it should last for about 3 maybe 4 weeks, make sure it has a top and
at least 2 heat lamps
I've decided on a wash tub I've kept chicks in before (forgot about it) with a glass aquairm and a small platic hermit crab cage (the glass aquraim has a wire lid and will be for sellers. The hermit crab cage is my hospital)

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