Post molt, EE losing tail...again

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    Apr 1, 2015
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    My EE is 20 months old and molted in September. She grew back all of her feathers as well as her tail but is still not laying again. In the past week, she started losing her tail feathers. Why?? She's happy, eating, clucking, and running around.
    Why would she be losing her tail feathers again?? Please help with any suggestions.[​IMG]
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    Howdy AZGurl

    Just wanted to let you know that you have posted your question on the New Member Introductions Forum and you might get more answers if you posted it on one of the other Forums. Sorry, I am not sure which of the Forums would be best, may be the Emergencies & Disease Forum?

    Anyways, I think you can get it moved by one of the moderators by clicking on the Red Flag and asking them to move it or just start a new thread.
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    Are any members of your flock plucking her feathers?

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