Post pics of walk-in run covered in hardware cloth


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Feb 1, 2010
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My husband and I are going to begin building the coop in a couple of weeks. I am torn between making a human-height run versus a chicken-height run.

After doing much research via books, coop designs and reading BYC, I understand the benefits of a human-height run. BUT I do not want it to look like a human sized cage to my immediate neighbors, nor do I want it to be an eyesore. My county is pretty rural but my area is still suburbia. We have about 3/4 of an acre shaped as a rectangle with neighbors on either side. I'm trying to be very considerate since I'll be the 1st one on my street to have chickens and want to minimize any negative perceptions.
Our property is well maintained, we make an effort to keep it neat. I'm just VERY worried that a tall run will be eyesore.

Could someone please post pics of their TALL run covered in hardware cloth to help me decide? Thanks in advance!
You can see more pics on my byc page, we had a short run before the "remodel" I really hated it. Now I love going in to be with the girls and do chores

Cherylcohen, thank you for the picture. That actually looks really good and very doable. I did really want to be able to go into the run for treats and hang-out time, more fun for my son too. It doesn't look as visually intrusive as I expected. I think I kept picturing the dog kennels in my head and couldn't get around that image. Thanks again, I think it might work out after all!
Hardware cloth also has a much tidier appearance on a run than chicken wire or chainlink. It's a lot easier to work with than chicken wire, it doesn't have that ugly rippled effect because it holds its shape so much better. Great for keeping out pesky wild birds too, I have one run that is a nightmare because the starlings found out where the food is. I need to switch that one to hardware cloth also, at the moment i'm feeding more starlings than chickens and everything is caked in poop.
I have considered painting the hardware cloth on my run (when I build it) black, so that it will not stand out as much as the galvanized silver color

maybe that way from a distance it will just look less like a cage, and more like a wooden framed structure
What an interesting thought... Hmmm...
I kind of like the way the sun glints off the run in cherylcohen's picture but if it ends up being too much, painting it is a good option...

Can I just tell you how much I enjoy BYC? Fabulous place for like-minded people. Like Ravelry for us knitters!!
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ooo I'm a knitter too, but quite frankly ever since I got chickens last sept i haven't even looked at it!

Anna, I wanted to show you how we attached the hardware cloth. It's a washer and large head screw. It's really so easy and you can put two pieces of the stuff under the screw at the junctions.

It's also great because when you have your next "remodel" and if you are like us, we've had a ton so far, the screws just come out and you can adjust to the new design. As far as painting..well i like the silver, but While painting the wood my crazy colors some paint got on the wire and I didn't like the result. drippy and messy looking. i suppose if you spray painted it that would be a different story.
Yes, I can see that it looks much neater than the chainlink I kept picturing. I also want to keep out everything I can, including the wild birds I feed. I planned to use hardware cloth throughout the coop/run as we have foxes, raccoons, loose dogs, roaming cats, weasels and minks (and lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!). So, the hardware cloth is a given. It would be nice to have a tall run rather than a chicken sized run. I hope I can find a nice wide roll. Hmmm... I may be going to home depot for some investigating.
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The Chicken McMansion this morning; room for five chooks and plenty of headroom in the run. It's 10' by 5' and the coop is 4' by 5'. Link in my siggy to the main BYC construction page...



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