Post pictures of your BACKYARD coops!!!


9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
Wow. It sure does take a lot of time looking for ideas for a small coop! Going thru all the threads to see the coops take quite a long time! I'm wanting to build a backyard coop and run for 4 chickens. Post pictures of your BACKYARD coops ideas, suggestions, and comments are all welcome!
Here's my coop page, (click on word COOP) Its not quite done but instead of posting a bunch of pics, you can kind of see how my backyard coop is built.
Its for 6 chickens on a suburban lot with neighbors so I tried to make it look as good as I could.
No need anymore! BYC wasn't letting me view the coop pictures before but now it's letting me! Now I'm getting a lot of ideas! Thanks for your help! :)
You should try the main BYC section, not the forum. There is a page that has tons of coops sorted from small to large that you can click on the photo to see

This is my coop, just have to decorate the inside for all the girls and possibly put up some pics for some hunky cockerals and its all finished
Here are some coop pics from our backyard. We are going to build one 8 x 12 coop this spring for 'em all to share. We now have three coops and one large run that everyone shares when they aren't out roaming the lawn. These were taken in early spring before the run construction.


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