Post your pics here!!!


7 Years
Feb 6, 2012
Bay City, TX
Anyone and everyone who has Pheasants and Partridge (Chukar) post your pictures here!! I don't have any right now but will get some as soon as possible make sure to put their breed and sex :) Thank you!! And I might even turn this into a contest---No prize just the pride of winning :) Post away Pheasant and Partridge (Chukar) owners :)
New to the family,Manchurian Pheasant, born Memorial Day at 3am. We cal it Squeekie
Beautiful birds everyone. Tony, is that a young silver or Kalig between the mikado and impeyan? I had a pheasant a long time ago that looked like that someone gave me as a chick.and then I gave him to someone when he started to look like that. I was told he was a silver chick when I got him.
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