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    Nov 23, 2013
    Sometimes raising chickens has its low points. There are, however, plenty of miracles and uplifting stories that can maybe help someone. A sort of "Chicken Soup for the Chicken Lover's Soul" sort of forum post. If you have an uplifting tale about one of your chickens or someone you know, post it!

    I'll start off:

    Lately the temperature has been dropping from 80's to near or below freezing. My brood hen was sitting on eggs and hatched one out. Waiting for the others she didn't leave the nest-but the little chick had! The chick had gotten stuck outside of the nest. Hours of near freezing and when I found the chick, the poor thing looked dead. I rushed the chick inside and gave a gentle push on the chest and kept it under the brooder lamp. Over minutes, slowly the lifeless chick twitched, then moved, then chirpped, then stood up! The little chick is alive and well, as if nothing happened. While my poor broody hen can't have her/him back, at least its healthy and happy!

    What's your story?
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    Nov 5, 2013
    My step mom has 4 chihuahuas and one my day 3 of them chased my chickens in the woods i went out there to feed them and couldn't find them until my black sex link chicken came out from the woods runnin from the 3 three dogs and they all go a hold of her and were trying to eat I ran to get them off and beat the living hell outta them dogs and she was fine really scared when I picked her up she looked like she was surprised to be alive and actually let me hold her lol when I put her back in the coop she stay under the nesting boxes :/ they all were fine in the end she as healthy as can be

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