Postal System lost my chicks


8 Years
Dec 19, 2011
I am so upset! The postal system has apparently lost my Nankin chicks. Lund Poultry mailed them out on Tuesday. They were guaranteed to arrive by 3 pm on Wednesday (yesterday). I have been on the phone all day with the customer service at the post office. No one can tell my where my chicks are. I'm just sick. They are probably deceased by now. They told me that when the "package" eventually arrives at my post office, I can file a claim. That doesn't help the chicks that starved to death with no water for 3 days. These were not day old chicks. They are a few weeks old. And a very rare breed. They did have a heat pack with them but that only lasts so long. Has anyone else had to deal with this before? I am furious!
Oh no, that is just awful. I am so sorry.

I hope they find them soon, and that they're more resilient than we give them credit for.
I got some chicks last summer from Ideal poultry in Texas. It was July and they lost mine for a day and a half. Then they showed up on my door step. Whoever dropped them off didn't even knock cause I was at home all day! Either way they all made it happy and healthy and really none the worse for wear. I know those were day olds and yours are a lil older but there is still hope! At leased some might make it......

Think good thots!
Oh! that is soo sad
poor chicks.........I thought that they were day old chicks
and was gona say it will all be ok................but thats not the deal here
I feel so sorry for you, Lund Poultry should give you a refund, or send some more, because that is none of your falt and you shouldnt have to pay for it. Hope it all ends well...............
I have nothing good to say about the USPS and it seems things are getting worse. Can shipments of live animals be insured like other parcels? Have some vitamin water ready for the babies. Chickens are tough. I give them the benefit of the doubt.
I will file a claim with the post office if they don't arrive safe and well. Lund Poultry didn't do anything wrong that i know of. In fact I've talked to them several times and they've been great. They called the postal service too to try to track them. It appears that the postal service sent them to the wrong place, then re-routed them, I'm not sure. They aren't even sure. They appear to be completely lost. I doesn't even look like they've made it into my state yet. The lady in St. Louis told me if they came in there later this afternoon that I could drive up there (on our currently icy roads) and get them. I told her it was the post offices error and they needed to get my chicks to me TODAY. She agreed, but I still don't have my chicks :(. And no one can tell me where they are. It's very frustrating and I'm just sick for the chicks. I'm praying they will arrive safely early tomorrow morning. But unless someone has them in a very warm place, I have my doubts. We shall see.
That is so sad! In the past I have always called our post office and let them know I have chicks coming, then they call me and let me know they are in and i pick them up. I have had some things ordered online get "lost", but a live animal doesn't compare.

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