Posting on behalf of a co-worker - need help determining breed :)


8 Years
May 21, 2011
My co-worker got a bunch of chicks and - since she knows I'm into chickens - asked me to post here on her behalf. She said when she bought them as a mixed lot labeled "10 heavy hens." I have some theories about them but since I'm mostly a duck person I thought I'd ask y'all to see if it backs up my guesses. Also, do you see any roos? I am wondering about one of them but am not sure. Thanks!

A number of them look like barred Plymouth rocks, not sure what the brown one is though. The only one in the picture that makes me think Roo is the whitest one in the front of the pic, but I can't be sure at this stage of growth.
That's what I was thinking. I wasn't sure about the brown/red one.. I was thinking either that or an easter egger.
I agree with the barred rocks and a new hamp or production red type bird. I'd tell her to watch that lightest barred rock and the red one--the light barred birds are usually roos, and those are some thick legs on the red bird.

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