Posting something sad for some one mad =(


Girl, I'm FABulous
8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Warm.... Under a blanket... In Alaska...
On BYH Country farm girl told a person on BYC to post this and I saw it soooo

on the killing thread *rant* in the Random Ramblings poster on BYC for me. please copy this and post it for me, PLEASE!!!!!!!
hey guys it's java girl 2, I have some bad news. I will not be on BYC becuese my dial-up will not pull it up for me. I will be watching you and will be laughing andcrying that I can not be with you!!!!
I am ssssssoooooooo mad !!!!!!
I was just starting to have some fun with you all !!!!!!!!!!! I will be on Backyard herds " BYH" my name is " country farm girl" if you want to come over and have some fun
or my email is [email protected] or [email protected] try the first one first. where am I going to go with my Q and A??? AND HOW AM I GOING TO BE A MINION NOW??? " sigh " GOOD BYE MY BYC CHICKS, QUEEN EM, BLUESUB, SPOOK, SOUR, JD AND HARLI. " Crying as I type this "
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