Pot Belly Pig in need of MAJOR HELP!!!


Aug 17, 2015
So yesterday I was sitting inside and I heard my one pot belly pig screaming at the top of its lungs and would not stop. I looked out the window I was right beside at the time within the second I heard the scream and seen he was rolling on his back and it looked like he could not get up or flip himself over. I sprinted out of the house to help him. Now he is only 7 months old so he is still smaller than full grown. I tried flipping him over to get him on his feet but he was almost fighting me on flipping his body weight. During all of this he is still screaming at the top of his lungs so I stopped trying to move him and just tried to calm him down which he did. Now normally he is in with my other full grown pot belly pig but sometimes he escapes from him pen and likes to run around the yard doing pig things. I carried him back into his pen after he calmed down and just tried to figure out what is wrong. He started to shake and by this I mean his entire body. I rubbed his belly for a little and tried to look over his body to see if anything was wrong. No broken bones, no cuts, no swelling, no bruising, nothing. I figured to let him lay by himself for a little bit to relax him and check on him in a half hour. When I came back out he was on his side sleeping. I went to check over him again and when he opened his eyes he start to just grunt and turn his head half upside down and almost dig in into the dirt as if the floor was holding up his one side of the body. He was still shaking at this point but not as bad. He wants nothing to do with food or water which is not like him. I used a baby bottom to squeeze some water into him but it was not enough and he wanted nothing to do with that as well. This morning when I checked on him he was in the same state. He is not crying out in pain just shaking a little and has his body weirdly positioned. I have no idea what happened. One minute he was fine and the next this?
It sounds like Dippity Pig. Google it. He will recover, just scary at first. Usually takes a few days. I gave mine baby Aspirin, but can't remember the dosage.
I think that is what happened. I researched it and he has a lot of the signs of it. When I got home from work there he was running around my barn again like nothing ever happened...Thank god!
That was scary!!!!
I need some help. I got a female pbpig (2 years old)..Her name is Gracie for my male 9 months old (his name is Wilber). He mated with her on March 20th. For the past 2 days she has been straining to defecate. She refused to eat or drink the night before last but yesterday morning I got her to eat canned pumpkin and iceberg lettuce along with about 2 quarts of water..And a dulcolax mixed in. I had given her a recital and removed some impacted stool. I also gave her an enema (mineral oil and warm water...No saline) and she managed to pass some small balls of stool. She is still straining to go and I can feel some stool in there but it is too high up for me to get. Last night she refused to eat but I managed to get some water into her with a syringe.. Definitely not enough and she fought me the whole time. I didn't want her to end up aspirating the water so I stopped. I can tell she is uncomfortable. Taking her to a vet is not an option right now. I took her temp rectally about an hour ago and it is 101.5...Slightly high. I am wondering if I should give her a procaine penicillin injection or a tylan injection. I also have banamine which I always keep on hand for my horses. I read that you can give it to pbpigs...Does anyone know the dosage and can any of these injectable been given orally. Her poor back end has been violated so much these past couple of days and I hate to have to add injections to it!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tylan 50 here at the house for my poultry but am heading to tractor supply to get the procaine penicillin
I would maybe give her a day or so to try and pass it. She might even just be so sore right now down there that she doesn't want to pass anything. Try giving her more pumpkin and see if she will pass it on her own. Normally the penicillin is for infection it doesn't sound like she has that but is more or less clogged up. Give her a day of just relaxing and some more pumpkin with the dulcoax. I have learned sometimes when you do too much it makes it worse. Mine did this to me and it took her a couple days to pass but she did on her own and after lots of pumpkin! Keep us updated!
If she is still constipated, give her a Fleet enema. They are easy to administer. You can get them at any pharmacy. Can't hurt.
Thank you so much for the responses. Rigbt now I can't get any food into her. She turns her nose up to it..Same with water. I bought a fleet enema but haven't used it yet because of the saline in it...I guess I should try it. I am trying to get as much fluid in her as possible..Putting it in her mouth with a syringe. I know her tummy is sore...Not to mention her back end..I was thinking of trying g banamine to get her Comfortable enough to get water into her. Has anyone done this before.
If constipation is still an issue and you don't want to use the Fleet enema, go to the pharmacy and get some glycerine suppositories. They can't hurt her and they do work.

I just wanted to give an update on Gracie, my Potbellied pig that was severely constipated. After a dose of Banamine she has gotten her appetite back. She is drinking water normally and eating her pureed carrots with iceburg lettuce. She has passed some firm balls today and is no longer crouching and laying around in obvious discomfort. Here is a pic of her and Wilber eating dinner. Wilber was such a good boy and never left her side. Gotta love these pigs!!!

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