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    I'm going to get a couple of potbelly pigs, our feed store doesn't carry pb food so what do I feed them. The lady I'm getting them from feeds them crushed barley soaked and some table scraps. My mil feeds hers all scraps but hers is way fat so I'm not into that.
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    Jan 31, 2009
    either feed them what the breeder feeds them, or get a low protein and energy grain ration - potbellies dont need much to keep them ticking over.

    hmm, just a random musing, wonder if layer grain would work?
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    We have Jenny our pot belly for a year. She just eats regular piggy food and cheerios and apples. And on occasion she gets a few scraps. But if you are not getting them to breed you should only get one. They are very people friendly and they get jealous of each other. I bought Jenny then...read about them on the Natl' pot belly site. So I don't plan on breeding her she is our farm's mascot and everyone loves to pet her and watch her roll over for a belly rub. You just have to watch how much food you give them. It wont seem like allot but it is plenty for them.
    Good luck and have lot's of fun,
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    I figured I would get two so that they would not be lonely. I have no plans for breeding them I don't want that headache. They are going to be outside pigs. I've read not to feed them regular pig food because they get too fat on it.
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    Your feed store might be able to order pot bellied pig food for you.
    I notice your in Canada. Since your going to keep them outside I would say to get two...so they can help keep each other warm.
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    Quote:yeah..if you are keeping them outside i would get 2 for sure! good luck with your piggy! i think i read somewhere that you can fed them rabbit pellets..if you cant find PBP food. not sure if thats a fact though...check it out first...
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    Definately get two. I have two girls and they are the bestest of friends. I have a thread in this same section called "Look at my new spoiled rottin baby." Sorry link doesn't work. I have not regreted one time getting the second one. My girls are are exactly 3 months apart in age.

    The feed store sales a feed called show pig but that is for hogs. You will want to watch your pigs weight. Now Tractor supply sells a product called mini pig which is better for them. After all a pigs life is all about eating and they will eat as much as you give them until they become so obese they can not even see out there eyes because of fat rolls. That is just sad.

    I give my girls carrots and low fat snacks between meals. They will try and play you to and act like they are starving when clearly I can look at my girls and tell they haven't missed a meal.

    Check out the thread I told you about, there is a lot of useful info there. If you can not find the mini pig let me know and I will let you know what company makes it. I'm out tonight and the bag has been thrown away so I don't have that info right now to give.


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