Potential gender of this Light Brahma?

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  1. Blackberry18

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    Mar 25, 2015
    I know you're supposed to wait 10 - 12 weeks for gender, but this 7-8 week old chick just died last night. She had wry neck, which I tried to treat, but my efforts were in vain. I wasn't sure what gender she/he was at all. I ordered 4 LB females and 3 LB males (I ended up getting an extra male, there was 4). I have an idea of the gender so far. I know I have three boys for sure, and I think I see four girls, but I'm so confused on this one! It could be a boy, even though it had a small, reddish comb. I thought maybe it's growth and development was stunted by the wry neck. Anyways, and guesses to what gender she/he was so I can use that to record the hatchery's accuracy? Thanks.


  2. Chicken Girl1

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    Mar 3, 2015
    I'm not sure on it's gender but I'm sorry for you loss [​IMG].
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    I'm very sorry for your loss. :( I am not familiar with this breed but it looks kind of like a pullet to me.

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