Poulin Feed vs. Nutrena Nature Wise??


11 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Western Mass
I am new to chickens this year, and I have been wondering about feeds. I have them on Nature Wise starter right now since they are 4 and 2 weeks old. However, I have seen Poulin Feeds at the local feed store too. Wondering if they may be a better product? Any opinions would be great! Thanks.
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I'm a fan of Poulin Grain, mostly because they are relatively local (Vermont) and their chick starter is non-medicated (it contains something called MOS that is something of a mystery, but research has shown that it is not medicine). My chickens like it just fine!
I have fed my CX the Poulin Grain organic broiler feed with luck. It's local to me here in VT but the organic is pricey. I've switched to a non-certified organic feed from a farm about 1 hr from here instead.

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