Poultry automatic drinker cups breaking


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Mar 6, 2017
Hi, first off this is my first post so hello! I have been coming here for years but just reading this or that.

I have a large shed divided up into different chicken pens for each of our breeds and ran water out to it which was a large enough of a project, with some help from my boys we dug a trench (by hand) from house to shed and chiseled through the concrete slab. Once in the shed I attached the water to a pressure reducing valve and then piped to each pen with a shutoff, down to the poultry waterer cups.

For the most part they work great, I had to clear shavings, etc. out of them once they were first installed, or they would leak. Within the first day one waterer was broken off right at the fitting, the second day another. So I am assuming they are jumping up on them and they are too fragile for the weight of the bird. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I am going out here in a bit to install a flat board a few inches above it so hopefully they can only get access to it with their head and not their full weight. The pens that have younger or lighter birds have had no problems so far.
Yes, little orange cups with yellow flippers. I haven't had any problem since putting boards above them. I do turn the water off at night just in case.

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