Poultry Cell Dosage


May 4, 2020
Hi all! Can anyone provide a Poultry Cell dosage for a 1 day old baby silkie? It is pretty lethargic after the hatch. It pipped the wrong end and took awhile to fully hatch out. I gave it (and the others) electrolytes but am wondering if Poultry Cell in the water may give it a better boost. They are just so tiny, I do not want to overdose.

I also have a silkie rooster, probably around 3lbs who is recovering from a fox attack with severe wounds. This happened two weeks ago and I've been giving him 1cc each day... should I up the dosage? I see it says 1cc to 3cc as dosage- I'm guessing that depends on weight?
How is your chick and rooster doing?

For a tiny day old Silkie, I would give 1-2 drops of Poultry Cell orally two times a day.

For a the rooster if he's 3lbs I would give him 1cc per day like you are doing - BUT you could go as high as the 3cc per day as stated on the bottle - if you did that, then I would split it up and give 3 times a day (1cc at a time)

Generally I give Poultry Cell at a rate of 1cc per 3lbs of weight - I go with the least amount possible when giving supplements.

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