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Poultry feed additive

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Allen.dai, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Allen.dai

    Allen.dai Hatching

    Dec 12, 2010
    I'm really gald to be a member of BackYardChicken Forums. And I'd like to talk about the poultry feed additive with you.

    1. Phosphate: Dicalcium Phosphate(DCP), Monodicalcium Phosphate(MDCP) in both powder and granular.

    2. OEM mineral blends/elements for animal & livestock &poultry feed

    3. Trace Minerals: Ferrous sulphate Monohydrate/Heptahydrate,Maganeses Sulphate Monohydrate,Zinc sulphate hydrate/Heptahydrate.

    4. Vitamin:A B D3 E

    5. Betaine:Betaine Hydrochloride is a kind of nutritional additive of efficiency, high-quality and economic advantage, which is widely used for animal and poultry breeding and aquiculture as well.

    For more information:
    Email:[email protected]

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