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    Good Morning all,

    I ran across the following article on the World Poultry organizations web site. It was a study on the FCR (food conversion rate) of feeding layers feed of different sizes (3 - 9 mm size) versus pellets. I thought the results were quiet interesting. Thought all the BYC'ers might like to see the out come of the study.


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    I wish they had said how that mash was fed. If it is in powder form, the nutrients can separate with the denser stuff on bottom and the lighter stuff on top so the hen my not really be getting a balanced diet. If it is fed in paste form and it is properly mixed, then it should be a balanced diet. Since pellets are made by grinding all ingredients to a mash, mixing it with water to form a paste, and extruding that paste through a die and flash drying it, the different ingredients remain mixed. They don’t say how they handled wastage either in the feed conversion ratio calculation. I imagine the full paper and presentation covered all that, but until you know the details it’s hard to draw real accurate conclusions. It would also be interesting to know why they think things happened that way. Still, it’s interesting comments. Thanks for posting.

    I could not find a copy of that online. Often you have to pay for these papers. Darn.
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