Poultry-Keeping life hacks

I found a couple cheap plastic lawn chairs in my woods, one with a broken arm that can't really be repaired.

My flock is on rotating pasture, so I like to keep items in the pen relatively minimum. This broken chair turned on its side has been excellent!

It's still sturdy enough I can carefully sit in it with a chicken in my lap to examine or treat a bird. Turning on its side keeps poo off the seat, and provides a visual block. I have it positioned so my adult chickens' can't see the most popular feeder from their favorite hangout. They can't see the juveniles eating as much.

Blocking line of sight has really helped with integrating chicks. Doing it with a chair is even better, since it's doing double duty! There's a reason I'd noticed it in so many users' run photos.
Do you know any life hacks for keeping poultry?
If you are going to butcher some chickens anyway, try to start with the ones that have any kind of problems. It's a great way to keep the problems from recurring.

That applies to roosters that attack people, but it also applies to hens that are bullies, victims, egg-eaters, escape artists, or have physical problems like crossbeak or bumblefoot.

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