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Aug 24, 2011
I've been reading BYC for some time, but have just signed up. Hello, everyone!

I have five wonderful hens that all look pretty similar and I'd like to ID them separately, maybe with different colored leg bands, to tell them apart.

I have some questions.

(1) Any known problems? Like, will they peck at them and injure themselves/each other?

(2) How do I know their size? I notice leg bands come in sizes. My hens are adult red sex-links -- a cross between Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns.

(3) Can I fashion something useful myself? For instance, using zip ties maybe? Or using the kind of velcro straps that are used in IT for strapping bundles of cable together neatly? I'd prefer to just "invent" something rather than buy a bulk bag of 100 leg bands.

(4) Any other ideas of ways to identify my birds?

Thanks in advance!
from WA. glad you joined us

I use zip ties too!
My name is Becky and beck is my nickname. Friends sometimes have referred to things having to do with me as being a part of "beckworld". Long ago, once upon a time, I hosted a website called "beckworld" which is no more.
from Louisiana!! Yeppers on the zip ties. Cheap, comes in all different colors and easy to snip one off and put a new one on if need be!!

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