Poultry Predator Identification

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  1. Duck/GooseCRAZY

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    Jun 18, 2009
    great article....we have been hit now 2 nites in a row. This time found both chickens inside coop. We have narrowed it down to racoons or a mink. This time heads were off and thats it. Looks like they tried to drag it out of the coop. But, couldn't because of the chain link fence. We are setting 4 traps tonite just in case it has been a GROUP effort!
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    Still in the planning stages of my coop...reading this has really opened my eyes about making sure my run is TIGHT and STURDY.
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    Aug 23, 2009
    i just started raising chickens again,last time was 30 yrs ago when i was a teenager.i live on 13 acres and had the chickens for a week i have been letting them roam around the yard.i had 1 missing yesterday and i found about 5 feathers in 1 spot and the found about 20 feathers in another spot about 80 feet from the 1st spot.no signs of any blood or anthing else. i drove around and saw no signs of anything. i was home when it happened and i heard nothing not even a bark from our dog.i have noticed 4 hawks that fly around everyday and noticed 1 the day before flying close. i am guess it was a hawk that got him what is your opinion.
  4. KrisRose

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Davison, MI.
    Quote:I don't know if they are in your area, but could also be a coyote or fox. They are fast and you usually don't hear a thing.
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    Dec 1, 2008
    I have 5 chickens that are about 7 months old. We've finally decided that one of our ''hens'' isn't a hen after all since we only get 4 eggs every day. LOL The coop problem I have , and need advice on, is what to do with loose fence line at the ground level ? My fencing for the run is on fence posts in the ground, the bottom two feet is small livestock wire that has half inch by 2 inch openings. Above that I have chicken wire. I joined the two fence types with J-hooks so it is tight and secure there, no openings. ( One uses J-hooks to custom make rabbit cages etc.) Across the top we have the plastic bird netting that one would use on a fruit tree. I have that joined to the top of the fencing with plastic zip ties. So, while it is hawk proof for now, I am now noticing that I have some digging marks at the bottom of the fence line. I think it is either my chihuahua -- who is insanely jealous of the chickens, or the other small bred dog that we have. It may be varmits. I am just not sure. The chickens sleep in the hen house at night. I have gotten complacent about not shutting the hen house door, but now that I've found the diggings I think I'd better make sure they are locked up tight at night.

    SO, tell me, what varmits would try to dig under a fence ? Is is probably just my chihuahua since he loves to dig and I keep chasing him away from the coop & run ? HOW do I fix this? I've tried dousing the fence line with red pepper and that works for a day or two until it rains again. Do I need to add some more fencing, bend it to across the ground line, and then bury it? Or do I need to run some concrete or bricks along the edge? For this morning, I went out and pulled out some extra long, heavy boards and have them propped up against the fence posts. I have had the dogs going crazy with barking several nights in a row but when I get out there with my flashlight and broom... I see nothing. Maybe I should put up a night light ?

    Help ! And thanks in advance.
  6. Gallagher

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    Oct 9, 2009
    Thanks for this very informative article. I have just come home from a quick run, all 15 hens happily having their day. I live in Maine and today has been a gray kinda overcast day but it was about 3-3:30 pm. I came home and my poodle took off as we approached the house in a way she only does if there has been a fox about. She circled the coop twice and then it hit me that all was too quiet and the chickens were not here. Just then a neighbor called and said his daughter had seen a fox with a chicken running from my home. I did a walk about and found 4 dead chickens all but one free of blood and all in one piece. I found one three houses away and brought her home and now I see three others have wandered home out of the woods. I hope and pray the remaining 6 return before dark to their secure roost. My questions is does a fox chase them down, could there have been more than one fox ...could some of them have died from a heart attack or just plain fear? I doubt a dog as here as in this area of the woods most dogs are chained or in pens...of 12 dogs on my road only mine is ever seen to run free.

    I would appreciate any news on fox habits or on chickens delicate hearts that any one could give. Thanks bgb
  7. watchtower@copper.net

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    May 16, 2009
    I'm just sick. I lost one of my girls to a coon:(
    I'll be putting them back in the garage if I cant find a safe way to protect them. They loved being out in their cage until tonight. They were very frightened. It must have happened right at dark. I wish I would put electric up but I only have 4 girls, seems over the top. Has any one ever used bricks to secure the bottom of the run?
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    Oct 16, 2009
    Wetumpka, Alabama
    Thanks for a great article. I will print it out.

    Since I've added two Anatolian Shepherd dogs to my farm here in Alabama I have had no losses, even with my ducks.
  9. paridisefarm2009

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Hudson Florida
    Okay I know I may need a pep talk I am almost ready to thrown in towel and give up on haveing my chickens , I now have a total of 22 birds I did have 10 road island reds and 2 buff rocks 2 small bantam all 10 weeks old I lost a total of 7 birds in one night (Tuesday)to raccoons 2 bantam 4 rir and 1 buff rock I was shocked to find the massacar in the morning , I called my husband in tears . My rir Are my best ones I got eggs from ebay and hatched them out every one was doing great now I am left with 6 out of ten of them , the buff rock was locked up in a cage Guess it was just ripped out of one of the small holes. caus it is gone , Over the last few weeks I have lost a total of 4 babys to a hawk or hawks , I had to re string with fishing line to fix that problem, I feel at my end , do I quit or Is it going to get better . I love my chickens they Bring me such happiness , It is a pet, Just Like My cat , I love her too [​IMG] even though she bites me from time to time and we wernt speaking for about a week . But we made up now we are good , ANy way My birds . I have been doing the chicken thing since march 2009 so I am new But have learned LOTS ! we have gotten a few raccons ,& opossom , a few months back , No details , Lets just say circle of life . Lets vote do I give it up or suck it up and hatch out some more I have 5 golden polish in the bator now .
    thanks in advance for everyones input , Im just sad for my 7 lost in battle.. Jean
  10. cgtara3

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    May 13, 2009
    Traverse City, MI
    Great article. We had some sad news. Two of our 12 birds got killed on Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Our favorite hen, Ms. Einstein was one of those killed. (She got the name because she acts like a bird who is smarter than the others)We found feathers scattered about the yard with no other remains. We also found one bird with only the head bitten off( a large hen who layed very large eggs). We are just devastated at this loss. Our dear Ms. Einstein was a very funny bird who had loads of personality. She would want our company more than she wanted food! She would hop on two legs to get at your buttons! We miss her so much!

    Anyone one have any guesses as to who did it? I think it was a raccoon.


    Missing my little Einstein.[​IMG]

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