Poults are fighting


Dec 26, 2015
I have two poults that are two months and the male keeps on ganging up on the female and biting and pulling on her face. At first he was just pushing up on her but not anymore. is this some sort of pecking order/ dominance thing and should I interfere.?they also sleep apart too now
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Are you sure you have a male and female? Sounds more like two males. Poults do occasionally fight to establish dominance but usually it's short and settled quickly.
They slept together last night and I haven't seen them fight like that since then. Even if they were two males I don't think it rlly would've mattered cause they're my only turkeys. I do have some chickens and two ducks though. I'm pretty sure that one's male and the other female though. They're my first turkeys so there's a lot idk and ig I kind of worried about them for no reason.
I totally understand worrying. I'm glad they are getting along again. They were probably just working out the pecking order, I just let mine do it. Turkeys will fight longer than chickens will and have troubles letting things go for a while afterwards
Lol yea it looks pretty serious too cause they'll grab onto the neck flaps and pull w/o letting go and peck at faces.
Yeah that's how they fight, probably why they have so much extra skin on their heads, they can be hard to break up, goofy turkeys.
Tom fights go on, especially when you have multiple toms, they will all get involved. Hen fights are usually one on one and they are short with one hen really mad and another is usually trying to run away.
They certainly are a different kind of bird, more curious and more interactive, I'm glad you are enjoying them, they can be rambunctious and you certainly know they are around.

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