Poults can be rough...


13 Years
May 13, 2010
on each other.I have had to break up a couple of poults a few times because of one grabbing the others face and trying to pull it off
Is this normal? I try not to interfere unless it goes on for what seems a bit too long. Other than that,they get along fine and when I stop it...they don't restart.There are no injuries...I'm hoping this is normal behavior.The brooder is 8 x 3 x 2 foot tall, has 19 heritage breed 4 week olds in it.Temp is good...they seem comfortable and plenty of feeder/waterer space. Any input appreciated
I had that problem as well as butt pecking. Moved them to a larger area and threw some branches for them to jump on and run thru. The pecking lessened but I still had trim beaks before they stopped trying to peck each others guts out. At one point they were 3 in the "hospital area" of the pen
They aren't really pecking...it's like a grab and pull....then the one who's being grabbed gets away but just pushes on the offender?
I've noticed this with my BR. They take food out of each 's beaks, beck at the vents, pull feathers, etc. Right now they are being brooded with 37 chicks (long story). They don't pick at the chicks, but my BTW Japanese bantams beat up the poults
Yeah,come to think of it...it is usually the BR's involved...hmm....wonder if anyone knows more about that breed?

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