Powder pink egg !

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    Jul 10, 2009
    First off let me say I do not have any EE's . My flock consists of RIR's , Rsl, and Bsl 's , a Delaware and 2 Red leg "hybrid" mutts . Yesterday I went to the coop and found a pretty powder pink egg ! It was very thin shelled and was cracked , so I cracked it into the dog dish and then noticed the inside was pink too .... the membrane and shell ! The outside of the shell had some plum colored pimples on it . My camera is on the fritz so I have no pics [​IMG] ... My question is this , I am pretty sure this is a new layer since the first girl started laying in August and this is the first pink egg .. but the only gals that it could have been IF it was a new layer [ and not an old one just changing up the shell color ] is either a RIR , RSL , OR the Delaware . Is it possible that the RIR OR the RSL could have EE mixed in ? I know that RSL are bred from pure bred stock , and the RIR I have been told will be show quality because of her shape , color and comb ... so i assume she was not Xbred ..[ can ya tell I am a new chick mamma ?] all of them except the Delaware are from hatcheries . I am very excited to see if it was just a fluke or maybe I will get another one today .
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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Get an new camera! We want to see this!

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