Power outage please help


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Feb 3, 2011
so i went to work at about 8 in the morning and the incubator was on then.Its the 5th day of incubating. Then when i got home at 3 pm it was off and the incubator temp was around 75 F. i just need some stories to give me some hope that the 30 eggs might be ok? i dont no how long its been of for but im hopeing they will be ok. any comments would be appreciated? cheers
The bulb in my incubator went out at some point after leaving for work. Dh noticed when he got home. Temp didn't drop quite as low as yours, but I was told from some very helpful people here to just let them continue and then candle at next mark point. For you that would be day 8 or 10. I only had two eggs, and when I candled I had one infertile and one that was moving in the egg! So everything could be just fine with your eggs! Remember, it takes longer for the inside of the egg to cool than it does for the air in the incubator.

Good luck! I hope everything goes well!

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