Power went out, How long is too long?


8 Years
Dec 13, 2011
Abilene, Texas
OK, had a bad storm in the evening power went out (usually not out long so I didn't worry, went to bed, I work mid-nights) Got up at 11pm power still out, threw blankets over everything and went to work. Power was still out when I got home (I did not uncover to check the temp) Power came back on at 11:15 so about 14 hrs off. I had 3 bators going, a Hovabator and a Sportsman that had several shipments split between them so I could tell if there was any real difference, some eggs had only been in 2 1/2 days on up to some that had been in for 13 days. The other was a Repti Pro with guinea (8 days) and duck eggs (? found)
I didn't move anything, but am not holding my breath. Will candle tomorrow night when I'm off. Anyone know if the younger or older are more likely to survive? I wanted to check temps but didn't want to uncover them.
I read a thread here about one member's incubator that got turned off accidentally. It was off for 24 hours and the chicks hatched out fine. So there is a chance they'll be o.k. Though this may delay the hatch a bit. Hope all goes well!
I took a quick look at them a few min ago and the 9 I had on lockdown at least a couple are moving, the rest are too dark to tell. A turkey on day 24 id moving and some ducks that have been in since the 17 are kicking away. Most of the eggs have been in a week or less so it may be another week until I know anything other than the clears. I'm at least hopeful now that I've had a chance to take a look anyway.
What was the incubator temp when it finally came back on? (Just curious how well they held their temps.)

Good luck!
I built a cabinet incubator, about 15"x15"x 42". I placed about 10 pounds of lead ingots (to act as heat sinks) on 2 separate shelves (20 pounds total). My incubator isn't sealed up great around the front door, but when we lost power for 4 hours, the temp didn't drop below 98 degrees, I'd say the temp in the house was around 70 degrees. I feel the heat sinks helped significantly in keeping the temp fairly consistent during our power outage. I know it would be difficult to put these types of heat sinks in many purchased incubators, but perhaps one could find a way.

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