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    We don't play the lottery often, but we did last night. And man was I close! Powerball was 6, I picked 9. 22 and 23 were called, I had 24. My 37 wasn't close to anything, but the rest were! So clearly my psychic abilities were misfiring.

    But if you woke up this morning, as the winner, what in the world would you have done?

    I would have gone straight to the office to make the claim, taking the cash option. Then I'd get the heck out of town for a bit to think about what the heck just happened and how I was going to cope. Montana maybe, hide up in a rented hunting lodge under a false name until the money hit the account.

    Then... hopefully we could remain incognito and have a normal life. Husband would be big on surprising random strangers. His most recent thing was filling up the gas tank to an old woman at the gas station, just because. She looked like she needed it, so he did it. He could do that on a much larger scale.

    We couldn't decide if we'd set up a non profit, or if we'd set up a legit business that did a lot of pro-bono work. Like a construction company, that gifted homes as well as built them for sale. We wouldn't care about being profitable exactly, but if we gave away all earnings to break even, we'd call it a success.

    Helping family.. well... with how they are.... an equal amount, flat across the board, one time. No favoritism. Hopefully that would let us keep family near and dear and not cause a giant divide.

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