Practice Runs?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Darklingstorm, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    OK so for the last couple of weeks I've been getting 2 small eggs everyday. Now I get 2 every day and 1 extra every other day. I know for sure that Tiffany (Production Red) is a daily egg layer and I'm pretty sure that Pin Feather (another Production Red) is laying the other daily egg. But I have no clue as to who is laying the 3rd egg. Its way too hot to sit and wait for the good girl to lay the egg and its way too hot to "trap" the hens in the nest to identify the egg layers.

    Here it the confusing part. The other day I found JG (my jersey giant) on a nest, I waited, then checked on her. I reached under and found only the fake wooden egg and moved it to the side. JG stands up, looks around, "grabs" the wooden egg and shoves it back under her. OK, so I wait longer (did I mention its very hot out there). So about 10 minutes goes by and she leaves. Go check and no real egg.

    Then I found Buffy (Buff orpington) in a nest box. She was in there for a little while then left. I go check and no real egg.

    Today I found Chocolate (my ?) in a nest box, looking like she is setting and making a ruckus. So I wait, about 5 minutes goes by and she runs out of the coop and straight for me, making a lot of noise. I was worried that something was wrong so I picked her up and gently checked her. she was soft every where she should be. Checked the nest box and no real egg.

    Even one of my SLW jumped into a nest box and she is still too young to be laying.

    Are they practicing for the real thing? Do you think that they are just really close to laying and going in there on instinct? Or are they just so darn curious as to what the others are up to and want in on the action?
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    Sounds like they are getting ready to me. They will get more regular fairly soon until they reach their peak production, and the eggs will get a little bigger as well.
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    They usually practice for a week or two just trying the nest box out for size.

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